Software photo album and book, photomontage, digital scrapbooking

History of previous updates

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...


Version 1.2.0 :

New effects:

- “Vertige effects” added for the image effects, which have superior quality than the previous ones (see examples)
-“Vertige effects” added for the global effects, as for the image effects, the algorithm has been completely revisited and the results are “dazzling”…
- Quality improvement for the old image and global effects, from the older versions of PhotosArtist. However, the “old effects” are no longer available in the complete version of PhotosArtist-Vertige. Nevertheless, you may keep them if you update from an version older than 1.2 (version 1.1.1 included).
- 125.000 supplementary scrap-objects assembly models added.
- Better font management: most of the “fantaisie” fonts can now be used in PhotosArtist-Vertige.



- Possibility of either export the whole album, or just a specific double-page (very expected functionality!)
- A lower memory consummation (RAM) when exporting an album.
- Suppression of pre-imposed SRA3 exportation, which didn’t seem to be used and took a lot of hard-disk space for nothing.
- All the vertige effects have been exported at the biggest size available to guarantee a crashless functioning. However, it’s necessary that the computer isn’t damaged and it’s in accordance with the minimal hardware requirements.
- The printable colors (CMYK) preview mode is automatically activated at a full screen album opening and during the export procedure.
- An estimation of the export time is shown before commanding a double-page or whole album export; also, an estimation of the remaining time is similarly calculated, when exporting, after each page creation. These are only estimates, because the real duration will depend on the used effects complexity, the size of your album, your photos and the power of your computer…


Full screen mode:

- In full screen mode your album is shown with CMYK simulation, therefore with the colors reduced to those of a very high quality digital printer.

General function bar:

- Access to online help from the software via your default browser
- Access to YouTube tutorials from the software via your default browser. 

Bug fixes.

- When one considerably reduced the dimensions of a photo-block or a text-block, PhotosArtist quitted brutally.
- Interface language auto-detection at the first startup corrected
- The software license is now equally available in English, in PhotosArtist, if the software detects English as the user interface language.
- It happened, eventually, that a folder was put two times at the corrected files exploration tree.
- when exporting the big album formats, very big texts could result in a PhotosArtist crash.

Version 1.1.1 :

- Translation of the names of effects and styles in French and English when you have chosen French or English as a language in the software.
- Fixed a small display bug (exceptional case)


Version 1.1.0 :

Albums dimensions.

– You are not limited to fifteen dimensions for your albums anymore, you can choose both width (from 6.6cm to 42cm – 2.4in to 16.5in) and height (from 6.6cm to 30cm – 2.4in to 11.8in) separately… over 10.000 combinations are possible! (attention, as soon as width is greater than 21.4cm – 8.4in, the cover page will not be exported in SRA3 format, but is still available in PDF succession format and JPEG). 30x30 (11.8in x 11.8in) becomes the default dimension when initiating new projects.

Page templates and scrap montages modifications.

– It is now possible to move, enlarge and rotate each text picture block and each scrap object individually, and to apply those modifications to all the pages of the current album in expert mode.
– It is now possible to modify a text picture block’s proportions using available proportions including panoramic proportions (15x5cm and 13x5cm – 5.9x2in and 5.1x2in).
– Using those two previous points, you can now create albums will full page photos…
– A proportion auto-detection system is used by default if you create an album using a photo folder. That auto-detection is also activated if you drag a photo on a block while pressing the “shift” key when dropping it.
– A few template choices were missing, for example when you wanted 6 blocks on the left, you could only have one or two blocks on the right… Let’s not be stingy here: with this update, thousands of templates will be created and you will have 1200 templates for each combination of a number of blocks on the left and a number of blocks on the right..

Search systems.

– 38850 scrap montages… hard to find the right one => new, the scrap wall: you can choose up to 5 keywords to define a personalised selection using menus…that you will later be able to place as search results in the scrolling viewer (the last scrap wall result is memorised if you remain in the same session).
– There are now two buttons to search, the previous one allowing you to search through the current selection in the scrolling preview, and a new one allowing to “search everywhere”.
– When switching artists, your sorting and filtering preferences are memorised so that when you come back, you find your previous choices there (searches through the search field are not memorised however).

Drop-down menus.

– It is possible to call out the first item of a menu by typing in its first letter in the artist’s studio (777 entries in the scrap entries, some might appreciate that!). Arrow keys can also be used to move up and down in the menu, although the behaviour is not ideal yet.

Scrolling viewers.

– A very discreet indicator shows you where you are in the scrolling viewer: a small orange circle move from left to right. When to the left, you are on the first elements and when to the right, you are on the last elements of the list.
– In the scrolling viewer’s previews of the scrap montages, objects have been artificially enlarged to save your eyes some trouble ;-)
– The text-effects previews now show you what it can look like with 5 font colours on the starting text (black, white, red, green and blue). This will help you predict the effects’ impact on the text even if your colour is very different from the 5 example colours.

Colours harmoniser.

– The colour harmoniser is now able to adjust the tint of a flattened background (not actually a background, only a uniform colour).

Render quality in work mode:

– The scrap and global effects render has been enhanced in creation mode.

Help us out.

– If you like PhotosArtist and appreciate its intensive development, help us to make it known: a “share on Facebook” button is now available in the software.

Bug fixes.

– When selecting a folder by clicking on its name in the explorer (PC only), it did not select all of that folder’s content.
– When dragging a photo onto a block of the right page (first page only), the scrolling viewer did not always refresh itself properly.
– Fixed several problems when selecting/deselecting text picture blocks.
– After resizing, the album’s first page was sometimes badly reconstructed.
– Some text-effects had a different aspect between the “workshop” mode and the “full screen” mode.
– With some big texts with effects, selecting its block made it blink…
– It was possible to cut or modify some pictures or texts in the scrolling viewer even though that was not possible in the real pages.
– After editing the page templates or scrap, some objects might be moved out of the page and disappear…
– The program sometimes allowed emails with wrong information when creating an account, which prevented the use of the account when a mistake was made on the user’s email address.
– Support for Safari 5.


Version 1.0.2:


– numerous font sizes have been added to your captions.

– in expert mode, decentring of page templates and scrap sets has been amplified (60% decentring instead of 20%).
Remember to adapt your albums if you have already used this function.

– important modification of the export algorithms allowing an even better quality.


Fixed bugs:

– exporting gigantic albums (A4 or A5, 120+ pages) might trigger a freeze of the export on slower computers when reaching near the end.

– exporting an album containing scraps might cause them to appear very small (20% of the real size) in the exported files (version 1.0.1 only).

– an error has appeared in version 1.0.1 with the “Perlin noise” effect used in many text effects. This might have trigger a scrambled display of the page!

– if you had modified the colours of a text effects with the local palette in expert mode, those changes might not have be exportable in some cases.

– some font sizes did not correspond to reality (big sizes only). 

– the language you chose during the software’s initialisation phase might not have been the right one.

Version 1.0.1 :


– important software speed increase when applying picture effects, scrap and global effects
=> measured gain: x2.7

– important speed increase when changing between viewers (for example when changing between the photos library and one of the effects library) 
=> measured gain: x9.
– if you don’t own a PhotosArtist account yet, the creation of your first account is done at the software’s start-up in order to benefit from our offers that depend on the setup date. You will then be able to activate that account at a later date. 


Fixed bugs:

– preventing the use of the virtual artists in some cases to create new resources in expert mode (templates, backgrounds, scrap, picture effects, text effects and global effects).

– when you delete a double page’s background, it does not become black anymore but now soft blue instead, that colour being editable (through the global palette).

– setup of an alert in case your hard drive’s name contains an accent that would prevent the software from running smoothly on Mac.