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With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...



PhotosArtist-Vertige 1.3.0 is available.. (4 March 2011).

Important requirements:

– this update is addressed to those who currently have versions 1.0.x / 1.2.x of PhotosArtist.

– you need to start your computer on the same start drive as you did when installing the complete version of PhotosArtist.

– you need to perform this update on the same account (computer user’s account) as you the one used for the installation of the complete version.


What’s new in PhotosArtist-Vertige 1.3.0?

The models:

A model is made of:
– one background
– a layout with some photos and texts
– image effects over the photos
– text effects over the texts
– a global effect
– a set of scrap elements
– hue/saturation/brightness and position modifiers.
You can use the standard software models (called « factory model ») or create your own models.
You can also complete your « factory model » library downloading new models directly from the software.
You can also make different versions of a same double-page (versioning) and choose which suits you best among different tries.
It will be quicker and easier to make your albums.


Copy and paste effect:

Two buttons will allow you to copy a double-page effect to another double-page from the same or a different album…

- At PhotosArtist-Vertige’s first startup, it will perform several database preparation operations. Therefore, this startup will be a little long and should absolutely not be interrupted (allow 5 to 15 minutes). For the next launches these calculations will not be done, consequently the startup will be faster."

- PhotosArtist creates the effects’ miniatures progressively when they’re first displayed in the scrolling preview. For the vertige effects (new image and global effects), as being particularly rich of mathematical operations, the creation of each view may be long, depending on the power of your computer. The view, once created, is saved and will not need to be calculated again, so the scrolling operates smoothly.

- After updating to version PhotosArtist Vertigo, you'll see in a few cases, some blocks containing images and / or text are moved in relation to your initial settings, settings that are saved. To find your album with these blocks in the right place, simply close the application and restart it.

Click here to download the updater for PC (~105 MO)
Click here to download the updater for MAC (~119 MO)

ATTENTION to apply this update only once, and most importantly, BE PATIENT during the update process which should absolutely not be interrupted EVEN IF THE PROGRESS BAR SEEMS TO HAVE STOPPED.