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Welcome, create a new album

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

New album

Creating a new album





This area contains eight elements:

1: input field for your album’s name,
2: drop-down menu to select album dimensions in mm (or format),
3: drop-down menu to select the album total page number,
4: photo folder selection button,
5: selected photo folder delete button,
6: creation validation button.
Elements 1, 2 and 3 are always there, others are optional. If you don’t select a photo folder for example, the newly created photo album will be empty. On the other hand, if you select a photo folder, the newly created album will contain all photos in the selected folder.
If you click on the (4) button, your computer’s tree structure will appear in the central area. This structure will only show “.jpg” files.

You can thus navigate in that tree to look for your photo folders.




Once you have found the folder, select it by clicking on it. Your folder’s name appears under the tree. Next to it is also the number of “.jpg” files in the selected folder.

Now click on the button at the bottom right (7) to validate your selection. This will copy the photos from the selected folder into the application’s library and then integrate them directly into the newly created album.
If you change your mind and don’t want to select any file, close the explorer by clicking on the cross (8).




The application is using internal copies of your photos and not the original files, it is thus important to import them in the library before being able to use them in your projects.

Clicking on this button will close the tree.

Once you have selected the characteristics, click on the validation button (element 6).
Clicking on that button will initiate the album creation and lead you to the “artist’s studio”.