Software photo album and book, photomontage, digital scrapbooking

Supplements 1.2 version

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

1.2 Version

Editing page templates and scrap-objects assemblages. 

It is now possible to move, enlarge and rotate each text picture block individually as well as any object of a scrap assemblage.

In order to do it, select one or more blocks or objects on the workshop’s table.


Click on the up-down-left-right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the blocks or objects you want.
You can amplify the move 10 times by maintaining the “shift” key.


To enlarge or reduce the block(s), use the up-down arrow keys while pressing the control key (PC) or command (Mac) at the same time.
Yet again, if you maintain the “shift” key at the same time, the result is multiplied by 10.


To rotate a block or object to the left or right, use the left-right arrow keys while pressing the control key (PC) or command (Mac) at the same time.
Yet again, if you maintain the “shift” key at the same time, the result is multiplied by 10.


Note: modifications are limited in order not to be infinite, which would not make any sense. For example, a text-picture block’s height is limited to the current album’s height.
 If you have a knowledge-gap, click on this button, a panel will appear to remind you of the keyboard commands.



Editing the text-picture blocks’ proportions. 

Double-click on a block, a local modification window appears.
The menu allows you to choose the proportions you want for your block.
You can also maintain the “shift” key when dragging a photo on a block. Its proportions will be detected and the block will be adapted to the picture you are dropping. 

Easily find a scrap assemblage.

A button has been added among those available in the scrap visual artist.
Click on it; a preview wall appears then.

5 menus are available to you to choose what you wish to obtain; flowers AND butterflies for example.
Choose flower in one of the menus, and butterflies in another. Leave the other menus the way they are. You can see that the wall is automatically updated for each choice in the menu.

The results number also appears. 

Possible actions after filtering using the menus:


- if you double-click on one of the small pictures, the selected scrap assemblage is placed on the current double-page (similar action to the one you would have gotten by clicking on a small picture in the scrolling viewer).
- if you click on this button, the result is transferred into the scrolling viewer.

- cancel this search and start a new one.
- close the window to complete the search later if necessary (in the same session).
Note: you will loose your result’s placement in the viewer if you act upon the sorting and filtering menus of the scrolling viewer…
… but it will not be lost forever nonetheless, because if you open up the scrap wall again, you will see that your last search has been saved and you will be able to place it in the scrolling viewer again. 

Shortcuts to navigate in the menus more easily (all menus of the artist’s studio):

Open the drop-down menu and maintain your mouse on it.

Type in the first letter of the menu article where you want to go in the menu on your keyboard.
The menu is updated with the first found entry starting from the top and beginning with that letter.