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Studio, understand the styles

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

The styles

Everything’s in the styles...

The styles used by PhotosArtist to create or reproduce are drawing or painting styles but also effects or item tags.


Artistic styles:

Imagine that a background has been created by the virtual artist with colour pencils, that background will therefore be sorted in the “ColorPencil” style.

However, created resources (backgrounds, picture-effects…) rarely have a unique style, but the main one will be used to sort that resource by style.

For example, consider a background created with charcoal crayons, oil paint and colour pencils (all this is done by the virtual artist). If the surface drawn with colour pencils is greater than the surfaces drawn with the other two (charcoal crayons and oil paint), the background will be sorted as “ColorPencil”.


The effect styles:

The second category of styles is the effect filters, i.e. neon effects or drop shadows. Those styles can be combined with artistic styles.


The item styles:

Those styles are only used for scraps. They are key words used to define an item.

For example, a tree might be tagged as “nature”, “vegetable”, “tree”.
Each item therefore has a list of tags defining it more and more accurately.

The sets used in the scraps use between 1 and 6 items per double page. Yet again, the sum of all tags for every item is calculated, and the most represented tags will determine the scrap set style.
The three most represented tags are usually assigned to the scrap, but there could be either two or four as well.

Keep all that in mind and the rest should be very easy to understand for you.


PhotosArtist determines the styles itself, but understanding those few principles will help you a lot as you will see in the future…