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With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

Import photos

Important notion: photos imported in the library don’t belong solely to the current album. They are available for all your albums.


Open the file explorer

Click on the button to open your library (1).

When you choose that function, the associated sub-functions bar is displayed, the rolling preview on the right side shows you the pictures that are already imported into your library.

Now click on the button to open the file explorer (2),




When you click on this button, a window is displayed. That window contains the explorer using your computer’s tree structure.

Zone 1, small cross on the top-right, allows you to close the explorer.

Zone 2 shows you your computer’s tree structure. Clicking on the purple arrows unfolds the folders and lets you see the sub-folders and .jpg files in that opened folder. Scroll bars appear and disappear when necessary.




Find a photo file

If you leave your mouse a few seconds on a file name, a window will appear with a preview of that file.
The file icon in the tree will change to take the photo’s appearance.




Select multiple consecutive photos in a folder

To select multiple consecutive files, click on the first file then press and maintain the “shift” key, then click on the last file you want to select..

Select multiple non-consecutive photos in a folder

To select multiple non-consecutive files in a folder, click on the first file then press and maintain the “control” key then click on each of the files you want to select.

Final import of the photos

Now click on the selected files import button.




The importation starts now, a progress bar will appear along with a small information window.

The latter shows you the remaining time, which can be very helpful if you are importing thousands of photos!




Note: only the new or recently modified photos are imported.

A check is done to ensure that you do not import the same file twice in your library.

That check is done based on the location of each file on your computer and the last modification date of the photo file.