Software photo album and book, photomontage, digital scrapbooking

Studio, apply or remove a scrap set

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

Apply scrap set

Ah, scrap…finally!

Click on the scraps access button.




The most complicated thing with scrap is to find the theme you want for your double page… there are almost 165,000 scrap sets available !

To help you out, there are 770 families with 50 sets per family. Logically you should find happiness ;-)

Select “filter by…” and select a theme you like among the available scrap families…

For our part, we like everything related to the nature...




You have three possibilities through the viewer:

– click on the scrap you want to apply on the album’s double page in the viewer,

– drag and drop the chosen scrap from the viewer onto the double page,

– click on random pick. Clicking on this button will pick a scrap set randomly from your scrolling preview favourites and apply them to the current double page.




Here is an example with “natural flower”.




Delete the scrap set on the double page.

Click (1) then click (2) to remove the scrap set on the double page.