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Studio, adjust the photos

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

Adjust the photos

Manipulate a photo in its bloc.

You placed a photo in a bloc, but you would like to zoom it or crop it, maybe adjust the contrast or tweak the colours.
For that purpose, use the local contextual palette.

That palette is accessed through a double click on any of the double page’s blocs, in this case, one that contains a photo.
If the bloc contains a photo or a text and a photo, the palette opens up directly with the “manipulate picture” function.




If the bloc is empty or contains only text, the palette opens up with the “edit text” function. We will see that in another chapter.


Manipulate the picture “geometrically”:

(1) Reset picture: cancel the modifications
(2) Zoom out: to see a bit more. ;-) The minimum zoom is the photo’s original size (therefore that function cannot be activated here since the picture is already zoomed out completely).
(3) Zoom in: to zoom in on the photo. The maximum is three times the photo’s original size.
(4) Adjust zoom based on optimal resolution: zoom in or out on the picture at the maximum without damaging quality for printing, when possible and depending on previous zooms. This function is ideal if you wish to enhance a photo’s size without loosing any quality. You know now that zooming in some more will reduce printing quality.
(5) Move the picture inside the frame: mode the photo inside the bloc to show exactly what you want.
(6) Apply symmetry on a horizontal axis: this function swaps the photo based on a median horizontal axis.
(7) Apply symmetry on a vertical axis: this function swaps the photo based on a median vertical axis.
(8) Rotate the picture 90° to the right: rotate the picture from 90° clockwise.
(9) Rotate the picture 90° to the left: rotate the picture from 90 ° counter-clockwise.

(10) Picture quality:
green = optimum quality for printing,
yellow = mediocre quality, tolerable for small blocs on the double page,
red = poor quality, avoid at all times (pixelated printing) unless your intention is to make wallpapers or publish your album online. But it’s out of the question to print a picture “in the red”!