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Expert mode, topics management

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

The topics

Understanding the topics.

What do the topics allow ?

Topics will allows you to sort all the resources and your photos in the PhotosArtist software as you please.
For example, you can create a topic “Julie’s birthday”.

Later you will be able to link it to the photos or effects you want.

When you import photos, they automatically inherit a topic created on the fly, named “import” and followed by the date and time. You will therefore be able to associate your photos to a topic you have just create, either by renaming the topic created on the fly during the import, or by migrating all elements from one topic to a new one…

In the same manner, when creating a background or an effect, you have the possibility to associate the new resource with an existing topic.

There can only be one topic per item (unlike keywords where you can have 4).

We are going to explain all this.

Topic management.

Click on button (1) then button (2).




The topic management palette appears.

– We still have the little cross (1) to close the window.
– You can create a topic. Creating it will allow you to use it for all the software’s resources. You name the topic (2), click on the button (3) and it is done.
– You can rename a topic. Select the topic you want to rename in the menu (4). Type in the new name in (5) and validate with button (6).
– You can move items from one topic to the other, the items being: photos, picture effects, text effects, backgrounds, page templates, scrapbooking, global effects. Make your choice in the menu (7). Select the topic (8) of the items your want to move into the target topic (9). Now validate (10).
– You can also delete a topic (definitively). Select the topic (11) and validate (12).




Note: Deleting a topic will not delete the items that used to be associated to it.