Software photo album and book, photomontage, digital scrapbooking

Expert mode, effects creation

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

Effects creation

Let us create effects with the virtual artists.

All virtual artists work in the same way when it comes to interactivity and simplicity to use.

You will find two classes of virtual artists within PhotosArtist:

– those which imagine effects to apply to the whole double page (backgrounds, page templates, global effects). For this artist class, you do not need to select anything on the double page. Avoid being on the first or last page in order to see the full width of the effect.
– those which imagine effects to apply to pictures or texts. In this case, you need to select a block containing a photo or text depending on the desired effect beforehand.

We are going to see here how to create a new background.
It’s exceptionally easy…

You have the “expert mode” activated (see previous chapter if necessary).

Now click on the access button for backgrounds (1) and then on the virtual artist button (2)..




From this moment on starts the background creation. Watch what the virtual artist imagines for you. As soon as a background is built, you have 5 seconds to say “I want this one”; if you do nothing, the virtual artist will keep on creating new backgrounds until you like one of them.




You like a background ?
Then click on “add to favourites” immediately!
Don’t loose time, be impulsive, work with your instincts.
Only the immediate “crush” will be a wise counsellor.
You should be able to like or dislike in five seconds.

Click on the button to save the background you liked.




An entry field (1) appears to let you name your favourite.
A drop-down menu (2) allows you to match this favourite to a topic (if you have created one already), but this step is optional.
A button (3) validates your favourite.




We call “favourites” all elements created that way.
When you click on this button, the bar changes and new buttons appear.
When you validate your favourite, the message “Operation successful” appears instead of the title and new buttons appear.

If you wish to continue creating elements, just click on the button (1) to start the virtual artist.
If you wish to go back to the album and use this background:
The button (2) allows you to apply the new background to the current page. This means that when you close the virtual artist, this newly created background will have been applied instead of the previous one.
The button (3) allows you to apply the new background to the current page and closes the virtual artist immediately.
The button (4) allows you to apply the favourite “globally” and closes the virtual artist. This mode will apply the favourite to the entire album (background, scrap, global effects and page templates) or to all the current double page’s blocks (picture effects or text effects).




Take note of the title bar in the top-left corner with the cross to exit the virtual artist and go back to the creation mode of the photo album.




You will be able to find your new creation easily in the viewer.
In order to do that, you can either sort the viewer in order of importation, or type in its name in the search bar, or even – once its style is known – find it along with the original resources of the same style.