Software photo album and book, photomontage, digital scrapbooking

Expert mode, changing page settings, scrap and global effects

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

1.1 Version, step 1

Altering a double page

Open the global palette to be able to alter a double page locally.

The alterations you will be doing here will not change the favourites and resources, but only the way they are applied locally, on the specific double page you are working on.
Access to interactions with the local modification button of the scrap requires…well…that a scrap be placed on the double page! (yes yes ;-).
The same goes for the global effect.

Adjust the page settings

– click on the page templates modification button (1) to place yourself on the right settings.
– the padlock is back (2) with the same function as in normal mode: alter both sides at the time.
– To delete page settings modifications (3) (3).
– To pick the page settings modifications randomly (4).
– The cursor (5) allows you to modify the angle of each block.
– The centring (6) allows you to “virtually” adjust the double page’s centre. At the beginning, each page is centred to stay on its side of the double page (the left to the left, the right to the right). This cursor allows you to displace the centring of a page. This means that you can “reduce” your page by placing the centre towards the closest exterior side of the double page or “increase” your page by placing the centre towards the farthest exterior side of the double page. In the case of “increase”, the page will overlap the other page. Attention though, if the padlock is selected, the pages will decentre themselves following the principle: one side enlarges as the other reduces.
– Zoom in (7) allows you to move the page closer or farther. This alters the page’s filling and the size of the blocks.
– Distance in (8) allows you to move blocks closer or further apart. This might lead blocks to overlap occasionally.
– Rotation in (9) allows you to rotate all of the page’s blocks around an imaginary central point.
– In (10) the palette’s closing cross.

Adjust the "scrap"

For the scrap, we have the same possible actions as for the page settings (see above).

Adjust the "global effects"

Select (1) to switch to the modification mode of the double page’s current global effect. Global effects affect the double page as a whole, there is no left or right page and therefore there is no padlock to synchronise both pages.
The button (2) is used to delete the global effect’s colour modifications.
The button (3) is used to pick the global effect’s colour modifications randomly.
Cursors in (4) allow you to alter the tint, the brightness and saturation of the global effect.