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Account, overview

With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

My account

Account, overview

The account management is handled inside PhotosArtist itself.

Access to this zone requires an active internet connection.

The software offers you a certain amount for free when you create your first account (and that one only) to allow you to see the offer quality for yourself.

The principle with PhotosArtist is that your account needs to be sufficiently funded to allow you to make purchases.
Payments are done through credit card or a PayPal account.

You can create multiple accounts.

You do not need to fund an account as soon as you create it.
You can wait to have a project you want to publish for that.
On the other hand, you might need it to contact support services if you are having troubles or questions.

We remind you of our transparency commitment:

We guarantee that the PhotosArtist software will not send any personal data while you are using it.
The only electronic exchanges are performed with our secured server to manage your account when you decide to purchase an album or access your transaction history.
Those exchanges with our server are SSL secured.

The only personal information we ask for are those which are legally mandatory to make transactions and allow the accounts monitoring.

None of the personal information are either given or sold to third parties, not even used by us for anything else than this service.

To access the account management zone, click on this button in the top-right hand corner of each screen.




Case 1:
If no account exists, you arrive directly on the creation form of your first account.
This first account will be the only one benefiting from the pre-credit.
Important information, in order to be usable, an account has to be activated.
That procedure is explained in the chapter detailing the account creation.

Case 2:
You have already created an account.
When you will click on this button later on, you will arrive directly in the account selection zone and you will not need to fill in the form again.