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With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...

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The PhotosArtist software allows you to set up your photos.

You can indeed stage your actors (photos/texts) in a setting (background) depending on your desires (dimensions of your setting).
You can “dress up” your actors with picture effects and text effects, complete the setting (scrapbooking) and give it some depth (global effects).

Your album range allows you to make photo albums ranging from basic (photos with text on a black or coloured background) to refined (photos/text with background, effects on text and photos, scrapbooking and global effects).

Nothing is mandatory except for having fun doing a spectacular photo album.
This first handling guide is not just a user manual. It is a chronological method that allows you to obtain quick and impressive results.

We invite you to respect the chronology of these chapters and to apply it step by step to obtain visually pleasing results.


A few principles that apply to the whole software

1st remark:

As long as you are using the software, when you place your mouse on something, a pop-up will appear to give you details on the elements functions.

2st remark:

For all of the material, “double-page” designates both left and right pages.
When we will refer to only one side of the double-page, we will use the generic term of “page”.
When precisions will be needed, we will use terms such as “left side” or “left page” for the left part and “right side” or “right page” for the right part.

Delete means to erase a resource (i.e. delete a photo from the library) whereas remove will be used as a local action affecting only the photo album and not the resource itself (i.e. remove a photo from a specific page).
Same goes for “import” versus “place”.

The PhotosArtist software is used in full screen. Don’t be surprised if your screen goes black for a second: it’s normal, you are entering the new world of PhotosArtist.




We guarantee that the PhotosArtist software is not sending any personal data while you are using it. The only data exchanges are done with our server regarding your account’s handling, when you decide to buy a photo album or access your transaction history. These exchanges with our server are SSL secure.

None of these personal data are given or sold to third parties.