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With new effects, the software PhotosArtist-Vertige allows you to make photo albums, photomontages and scrapbook unique and beautiful...



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PhotosArtist-Vertige – Find all the news about PhotosArtist here, the software allowing you to create spectacular digital photo albums: novelties, new ideas, new functions, new announcements, etc. 

Offer 51 extended

2011-04-02 16:19:11

Until now, you paid 20 cents of euro for your pages… That was reasonable for those who use PhotosArtist-Vertige occasionally.

For the frequent users, those who invest some time in comprehending the software, we updated the offer 51.

Formerly, this offer would give you a 70 euro credit in a 51 euro account top up.

Now, a 51 euro top up over your account will give you a credit of 2550 pages, or 2 cents per page! (For buying new credits only)

The PhotosArtist-Vertige’s updates remain free of charge.

You have now :

Trial rate:
–The first 25 pages free when you open an account, no trial expiration and no subscription obligation (without limited time for use).

Normal rate:
– 20 cents per page, in a 50 page batch (without limited time for use).

Fidelity rate:
–2550 pages for 51 euro, or 2 cents per page! (without limited time for use)